PQR D50/D52 Patch Cord

PQR Patch Cord for connecting a PQR Power line monitor in-line with a piece of equipment

This cord has a plug that plugs into the outlet that you wish to test, a socket that you plug your equipment into and a cord that taps off the plug to power the power line monitor.  With this cord you can still operate equipment in the outlet that you need to test.

  • NEMA plug and socket
  • 1 ft long heavy duty extension cord.
  • 6ft 10 amp pigtail - plugs into your power monitor.


PowerTronics provides practical power line monitors designed and priced to be outfitted to everyone who services or installs electrical and electronic equipment. These units incorporates the latest microprocessor technology to provide the user with information describing all types of power line disturbances. They will detect a wide range of disturbances including dropouts, sags, surges, impulses, high frequency noise, and common mode noise on a AC power lines.


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