PQR USB to RS232 Adapter (Win 7/8/10)

PQR USB to RS232 Adapter (Win 7 / 8 / 10)

Currently all Powertronics PQR power line monitors are equipped with a USB port for connecting the unit to a PC's USB socket to allow data download.  Earlier versions of the PQRs were equipped with an RS232 serial port that allowed data to be collected via the PC's communications port.

Many PCs no longer support RS232 communications so in that situation a USB adapter is needed.

This adapter allows a PC without a COM port to be able to communicate with the COM port on a PQR.  

This item also includes a 6ft Null modem cable to connect the PQR to the USB Adapter.

In addition to working with Windows 8 and 10, this adapter also had drivers that allow it to work with Windows XP, Vista and 7.


PowerTronics provides practical power line monitors designed and priced to be outfitted to everyone who services or installs electrical and electronic equipment. These units incorporates the latest microprocessor technology to provide the user with information describing all types of power line disturbances. They will detect a wide range of disturbances including dropouts, sags, surges, impulses, high frequency noise, and common mode noise on a AC power lines.


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