Probe 100+ Datalogging Software

     Probe 100 Plus Datalogging Software

  Provided with the Probe 100+ is the Probe Communications Software. This software facilitates the accumulation of the AC line voltage and Disturbances as they are broadcast by the Probe 100+. These can then be plotted or stored on the PC for future analysis. The software is capable of generating voltage DATALOG charts and disturbance CHARTS from the received data.


  • Automatically connect to the Probe 100+
  • Record the data that is being transmitted from the Probe
  • Display Charts and graphs to show the power line voltages and disturbances.
  • Works under Windows XP, Vista, Seven, Eight and Ten.



PowerTronics provides practical power line monitors designed and priced to be outfitted to everyone who services or installs electrical and electronic equipment. These units incorporates the latest microprocessor technology to provide the user with information describing all types of power line disturbances. They will detect a wide range of disturbances including dropouts, sags, surges, impulses, high frequency noise, and common mode noise on a AC power lines.


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