High Capacity INKJET Cartridges

High Capacity INKJET Cartridges

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Solvent Based Ink Cartridge for Powertronics INNERPRINT Inkjet System. 

  • Solvent Based to help adhere to to many types of wire and cable.  White and Yellow inks are pigmented for durable color printing.
  • Colors available are BLACK, RED, GREEN, BLUE, WHITE and YELLOW.
  • QUICK DRYING: Ink dries rapidly, typically within 2-3 seconds.
  • QUICK CHANGEOVER: Cartridge change and installation takes only seconds.
  • 42ML High capacity cartridge can print millions of characters *

* Print Capacity

The single most asked question is: How long does the cartridge last.  Of course, the answer depends on lots of variables, such as:

  • What size print are you using (The bigger the character, the more ink is used)
  • What font is selected (Some fonts are denser than others)
  • What density (How dark or Bold is the print)
  • What text are you printing ("TWENTY SEVEN" uses more ink than "27").

1 milliliter of ink covers an area of about 500 square centimeters (cm²). Converting this to square millimeters (mm²), we multiply by 100, resulting in 50,000 mm².

If you are printing the letter "X" using Times New Roman Font, 1.5mm tall (printing on a small wire), this character will cover about 0.35mm² with ink.  So for this font and size you can print about 140,000 letters per ml, or 6 MILLION characters per cartridge!

Please note that this estimation is based on the listed assumptions and may vary in practical situations due to factors such as ink coverage, printer settings, and other variables.