Powertronics PQR D50/D52 Calibration & repair

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The PQR D50 and D52 monitors are designed to test the Power Line with a high degree of accuracy.

In this unit all measurements are referenced to a state of the art, temperature compensated voltage source. It is recommended that each unit be calibrated annually by the factory as certain components may require calibration. 

Powertronics offers a flat rate repair and calibration.  This procedure includes:

  • Upgrading the firmware to the latest version.
  • Replacing the Real Time Clock Battery (if needed).
  • Upgrading the hardware to the latest revision available.
  • Confirming the correct operation of the testing circuits and data storage functions.
  • Verifying downloading and communications functions.
  • Calibrating the Voltage and Accessory ports using NIST traceable test equipment as part of Powertronics calibration procedure.

To send in your unit for calibration and repair ship the unit to:

  • Powertronics
  • 143 Raymond Road
  • Unit #10
  • Candia, NH 03034

The customer provides the shipping to Powertronics, Powertronics provides the return shipping as part of the calibration service.