PQR D50 Power line monitor

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The PQR D50 is a Voltage disturbance detector and recorder.  This device is designed to be plugged into a 120V or 240V AC line and will monitor this line for voltage disturbances.

Disturbances detected on the Hot and Neutral Lines are recorded by their time, date, magnitude, and duration in a non-volatile RAM memory. This data is then retrieved from the analyzer through its communications port. The power to operate the unit comes from any standard 110v / 220v AC outlet. Once plugged in, the PQR D50 immediately begins testing the signals on the input connectors.

Simple to operate:

  • Plug the power cord into a grounded outlet
  • Periodically connect to a computer for reports Stores events in non-volatile RAM
  • Details of 32,000 Disturbances
  • Stores the average reading every minute for up to 22 days on each channel
  • Measures all types of disturbances
    • Spikes
    • AC Voltage
    • Sags
    • Common Mode Noise
    • Line Frequency
    • High Frequency Noise
    • Dropouts
    • Power Failures
    • Surges
  • Record power problems detected on the Hot and Neutral line.
  • Measure AC Voltage.
  • Information is stored in FLASH RAM and saved when power is removed.


The PQR D50 package includes:

  • PQR D50 Single phase voltage disturbance recorder.
  • USB Communications cable
  • 120V AC Power cord
  • PQR Host Communications Software.