Probe 100 Plus 120V AC Power line monitor

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The Probe 100+ is useful in identifying types of power disturbances that are on the 120 volt AC line. It is like taking a snapshot of specific power problems. If you are having a problem with a computer system or peripheral, the Probe can be plugged into the same circuit and left for a period of time. When a problem is experienced with the equipment, immediate checking of the Probe's LEDs will indicate the worst case power problem. If none of the LEDs are illuminated then the problem may be with the hardware.

The LEDs that are illuminated indicate the types of disturbances that may be affecting the equipment. The LEDs on the Probe "latch" in the ON position when the device receives a disturbance.

The Probe 100+ Comes with the Probe Communications Software. This software facilitates the accumulation of the AC line voltage and Disturbances as they are broadcast by the Probe 100+. These can then be plotted or stored on the PC for future analysis. The software is capable of generating voltage DATALOG charts from the received data.

  • Plugs into 110V AC outlet and checks for problems
  • The P100+ will detect all of the important types of power problems, and will Latch an LED to show them.
  • Broadcast all data about the disturbances through the serial port as they are detected, as well as the voltage reading every second.
  • Measures common-mode noise, Latches spikes (impulses), Latches high frequency noise
  • Trips on Surges and Sags, Latches Power failures, and Dropouts, Determines if the outlet is wired properly.

 Download a PDF copy of the Probe 100 Plus User manual here (USB MANUAL)  (RS232 MANUAL)